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High-temperature polyamide filled with glass microspheres 

Filament Spectrum PA6 GK10 is a new, high-temperature PA6-based construction material in natural colour. Filled with hollow glass spheres, it is stiffer and lighter than the polyamide the material is based on. Its specific property is a low impact of moisture, high-temperature resistance, and good electrical insulation properties as compared to unmodified PA6 or PA66. In addition, Spectrum PA6 GK10  features a low linear shrinkage (up to 0.3-0.5%).

Spectrum PA6 GK10 has similar thermal properties as the carbon fibre (CF) version while being an electrical insulator. The material is not as abrasive to nozzles as the carbon fiber (CF) version and is much lighter than pure polyamide, so it can reduce the weight of the final print.

To attain the very attractive properties of Spectrum PA6 GK10, as regards the technical aspects, you need to follow the basic storage rules for such materials (in a dry and dark place with humidity below 15%). To obtain the best parameters of the printed object possible, it is recommended to dry the material prior to work.