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PA6 Low Warp

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Strong and abrasion-resistant  

Spectrum PA6 Low Warp is an extremely durable construction material based on polycaprolactam improved with admixtures to reduce the high shrinkage inherent to the processing of such materials. The most important characteristics of the Spectrum PA6 Low Warp filament are, among others: resistance to fuel and oils, high impact strength, and very good mechanical properties.

The improved cohesiveness of the Spectrum PA6 Low Warp material allows for a significant reduction of the “curling” effect (especially at the corners of the printed model). The reduction of this negative effect is related to the low processing shrinkage at the level of 0.3%. 

Additives used in the production of Spectrum PA6 Low Warp make it a self-lubricating material, so it is possible to use manufactured parts in applications where friction occurs. Moreover, the printed elements will have good electrical insulating properties and will show also physiological indifference.

To attain the very attractive properties of Polyamide Low Warp, as regards the technical aspects, you need to follow the basic storage rules for such materials (in a dry and dark place with humidity below 15%). To obtain the best parameters of the printed object, it is recommended to dry the material prior to work.